The Big Diabetes Lie, How Tea Can Help With Weight Loss

book-bonusbooksGreen tea can help reduce body fat by 1.6 percent according to a recent study published by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. In this study, fourteen men were divided into two groups – a control group and a group that took 571 milligrams of decaffeinated green tea extract.

One must note that the study was done on men with an average age of 21 and that they were required to cycle regularly throughout the duration of the study.

But the real question is, how does tea help in weight loss?

We keep hearing about tea as a good beverage for those who would like to lose those extra pounds but what is the science behind this claim? Read More

All The Reasons Why You Should Buy A Steam Shower – 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

non-animated-chart3There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a one. Steam showers can provide many health and beauty benefits to you personally and your family and are safe for individuals of all of the ages and genders, only pregnant women are the few those who are told to prevent using them due to the safety of their unborn child. In the event you suffer from acne, steam showers can help clear that right up. Your clogged pores is supposed to be revitalized and can diminish in appearance. Before purchasing, there are some important things you ought to consider first. You should look at the decor belonging to the bathroom of your home. You ought to choose a color that matches. You might would you like to bring a sample of your own main bathroom color when visiting a store to shop for your shower. You also really need to take size into consideration. Make sure you take measurements before you decide to go with regard to the store. One more thing to consider is your budget. You’ll want to set one and stick to it.
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The Half Day Diet, Ultimate Natural Remedy for Constipation

hfdmanualBowel movement should be easy and pain-free. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. If you’re experiencing some difficulty in passing fecal matter then you are constipated. You are also considered constipated when its takes you more than 3 days to excrete stool. The longer it takes the harder the stool will be. This is a common problem that affects more than half of the population. To some, it happens rarely, to others it Occurs regularly and to a few it is a daily constant struggle. Whatever your challenge is, there is always a solution. You are not alone. Read More

All About Essential Oils : Origin, Usage and Benefits – The Unexplainable Store

Legit-Online-Jobs1How many of you will vote for natural treatment and beauty care? At least I will raise my hand in favor of it. With increase in the use of synthetic products, skin diseases and infections have become quite common. Thus, natural treatment is not a luxury but a necessity for many with sensitive skin. While some of them go for herbals, others use essential oils for their unique benefits. We will discuss some of the inherent benefits of essential oils but first of all, let us get an idea about what essential oils are.

What are essential oils and where did they come from?

Originally known as “quintessential oils”, the term has been derived from the concept of life force or spirit of the plants from which they are extracted using special techniques. The extracted hydrophobic liquid retains the aroma of the parent plant and are thus used extensively in Aromatherapy. It is believed that these oils are the spirit of the plants, which when extracted, retains all the effective properties of that plant that help to soothe our mind, body and enhance our spirit. Also, they have found a variety of usage in skin care and beauty treatments because of their natural properties.

The concept of essential oils is nothing new. It has been there for thousands of years when the early civilizations like the Egyptians and the Jews relied on their exceptional properties to cure ailments and enhance body and skin. Such was their effectiveness over the mind and body that they were even preferred over herbal medicines. In fact, it is said that herbal treatments came much later. However, in spite of the enhancing and healing properties of the ethereal oils, people turn to synthetic goods for skin care and beauty treatments. But, the ones who are aware of the inherent benefits of these natural oils, make it a point to use them in order to enhance their daily lives. Read More