Fat Diminisher Is A Conversion Monster – Why Your Best Friend Tells You to STOP Losing Weight

4minbellyWhen a client reports difficulties sticking to her food plan for the week, I ask what happened to throw her off track. Sometimes she can identify the problem, but often she cannot. Unfortunately, when this happens, I know just where to look. You see, some upsets don’t quite register, and this is more likely to occur when the source of the upset is someone close to you. Today, I would like to address a phenomenon that you might feel uncomfortable acknowledging. In fact, you might find yourself feeling protective and defensive when you read what I have to say, but nevertheless, it bears careful discussion.

Ladies, I hate to say it, but your sisters and girlfriends are very likely to undermine your efforts to get healthy and fit. Yes, the women in your lives, the very women who love you, often threaten your success. Therefore, it is my unfortunate duty to warn every woman I counsel to watch out for them! None want to believe me, and most don’t want to talk about it, but the head-in-the-sand strategy never works and, in this case, it can get you into real trouble. Silence will not change the regrettable truth.

Before I go on, let me reiterate an important fact. The women in your life do love you, and they are happy for your weight loss success! It’s just that it pushes their buttons. When you are suddenly in a different, wonderful place, they become a bit off balance. They have to shift their long-standing image of you and in the process create a different relationship with the new you. I can already hear the protests: “I’m still the same person I always was, I just lost weight!” No, ladies, you are not. You have worked long and hard, and you are a new person. Admit it and embrace it. You don’t just look different on the outside. Your outer appearance is the physical manifestation of your inner beauty, the beauty you have rediscovered on what you mistakenly believe is merely a weight loss journey. Read More