How to choose Hair Trimmer and Beard ?

Tondeuse Cheveux BarbeThe hair trimmer for men has become, for many years, standard equipment in bathrooms, and this is even more true nowadays, where the search for the least economy is important. Using a hair trimmer is a smart economic choice, because instead of going to the hairdresser every month and spending an average of 20 euros for a haircut, you can achieve the same result in the comfort of your home without paying a single penny. A saving of time and significant money.
You already know that choosing a good hair clipper is not so easy. This requires a little research, especially when it comes to choosing from the many models of major brands, the quality of the blades, the power of the engine and the various accessories supplied with the device. For your convenience, we have created this shopping guide that will allow you to choose the hair trimmer that will fit all your needs and can be used for several years. Read More

How to Choose Aspirators and Extractors Black Points?

Aspirateurs Points NoirsThe face is a very sensitive subject for women and various types of aggression at given times. Among these skin aggressions is the black spot, which is an unsightly training dreaded by most people. There are several methods to overcome such as treatment with a black point extractor. This vacuum comedo being very used now, we decided to make this blog to give you user reviews and ours after the tests.

What is the blackhead vacuum cleaner ?
The black point vacuum cleaner is a small, lightweight and ergonomic multifunction device designed to efficiently extract blackheads or blackheads. It also allows you to extract fats, remove impurities from the skin, purify the pores, hide the skin … There are several models, all with various properties.
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