Asvab Social Learning Community

Asvab-Social-Learning-Community1The significant changes in the means people collaborate and share information have opened the way to form various study groups at different places and from different disciplines. A distributed learning environment not only involves teachers and students within the university, but extends to students at different universities as well. Nowadays, many technologies are used in e-learning, from blogs to collaborative software, virtual classrooms, forum exchanges, social media and mobile technologies. One of the most important characteristics of web 2.0 technologies is that they emphasize sharing, participation, and collaboration. A well-designed learning environment helps to improve learning by making information and instructional content available and accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Social learning is defined as a new paradigm of finding, consuming, creating and contributing information via collaborative commons. In this environment, community creates and maintains multiple forms of content and members of this community are able to find and consume content via an informal path. Collaborative learning environments have been proven to offer significantly higher quality of content as compared to formal learning environments. Additionally, social learning creates a higher degree of engagement among participants and members can benefit mutually from the links, cross-talk, and feedback. A lot of research has been done on the role of Web 2.0 services in supporting social interaction between students, teachers, and researchers. Read More

Human Anatomy & Physiology course of study

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I am about to share with you everything you’ll ever need to know about human anatomy, physiology and pharmacotherapy with pictures, courses, lesson plans, quizzes and solutions. I’ll give you an effective and painless way to learn or review anatomy and physiology, chemical level through the whole body. Read More