Build A Container Home – Green Product Paying

Build-A-Container-Home-Green-Product-Consumers are not flocking to products labeled green and eco-friendly. At first glance, this behavior by consumers is surprising. A recent poll of Europeans and Americans indicated that broad swaths of the population are in favor or green technology and products. In fact, the desire by Europeans and Americans for renewable energy options was absolutely overwhelming. A Harris poll found that support for wind farms to produce electricity was supported by large majorities, from 90 percent in Spain to 87 percent in the United States and 77 percent in France. Even taxpayer-provided financial support for the development of biofuels was heavily favored. Government subsidies for promoting the production and use of biofuels were favored by 77 percent Italians, 76 percent of Spaniards, and 60 percent of Americans.

If people are generally so supportive of green technology, even at taxpayer expense, why then are eco-friendly and green products not selling better? Part of the problem may be with labeling, which can be confusing at best and downright misleading at worst. What does the labeling of green or eco-friendly really mean? Most consumers do not have a clear idea. Read More

Energy Nikola Tesla Secret

Energy-Nikola-Tesla-Secret0The Nikola Tesla Secret shows a very convincing video that has a device crafted from electronic bits and pieces that can fit in a guy’s palm. These materials alone assembled a device that charged a cell phone. Energy was extracted from the environment without fuel or batteries of any kind. The concept behind it lies on the radiant energy suspended around the earth’s surroundings that is extracted by the Nikola Tesla generator to produce electrical energy. A blueprint for the circuit system guides how to build this generator. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg! The secret device can power not only a cell phone but your whole house of appliances. You can utilize enough radiant energy so you won’t have to pay for electricity ever again, saving tons of money in the process.

Is this really possible? Apparently it is. The Nikola Tesla Secret has the plans, diagrams and instructions to set up a simple circuit system of a transportable generator. It can serve various electrical functions like charging phones, lights, television, etc. Though it sells the idea of “free energy”, it is not literally free since you will pay a small amount of 37 dollars to access the DIY kit for the radiant energy generator. The objects needed to construct the generator cost less than 100 dollars. However, investing in building this generator has huge payoffs in the form of savings and unlimited access to energy. Read More

Earth for Energy : Get 75% On All Sales


The people of Earth are very familiar with the natural resources of the earth, such as coal, oil, gas and other energy sources. Earth contains vast types of energies that are generated by special methods and can be used in our daily life. Different types of solar energy is magnetic, and wind energy, water.


There are different perspectives of energy resources. With these resources, we are meeting the demand for energy. Fossil fuels are maintained to control energy supplies, meeting more of our energy needs. Oil remains the single major fuel. Due to the increased use of oil resources, the new technology is focused on other techniques to build additional resources such as solar, magnetic, wind and geothermal energy. Earth Energy Resources has advantages and disadvantages as well.

Solar energy gives us electricity from sunlight. This is a great achievement of science. The natural elements of the earth can be used to create solar energy using solar panels. However, there are many places on earth that do not receive an appropriate amount of daylight. If the solar panels only get some sun, they might not be constant. Read More