Talking To Toddlers

Talking-To-ToddlersEveryone does it when they see a cute a baby. The baby talk comes flowing out of the mouth of adults almost every time a small infant is around. The funny noises make babies laugh and sometimes they make funny noises back. It is a great way to let babies know that they can be comfortable around the adult making the funny noises.

The cute babies soon start to grow up and become cute toddlers. Some people still do baby talk to get the child’s attention, especially the parents. Too much baby talk might hinder the child’s speech development. It’s funny to watch the adults who talk slow or loud to a toddler like they are aliens from another planet. The child may start to copy the same speech patterns, like talking slow. The children understand words loud and clear. However, the adults have to keep in mind that toddlers are not ready to recite the dictionary either. There is a balance to teach children the proper way to talk.
A good way to maintain that balance is to start talking to the toddler in complete sentences. For example, instead telling the child « eat, eat » start saying, « It is time to eat ». They will soon start to repeat those sentences back to the parent or adult. Another way to talk in complete sentences is to point out items around the house. Kids that are at the toddler age love to discover new things. Describing colors, shapes and textures is a great way to talk to the child and teach them new things.
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Top Converting Pregnancy Product : Planmybaby

Top-Converting-Pregnancy-Product-PlanmybabyWhen it comes to your own personal grooming, is there anything more satisfying than being crowned with a head of thick, shining hair? Do you divide your life into good hair days and bad ones? Does a bad hair day leave you depressed and lethargic while a good one propels you through glass ceilings. Guess what? You are not alone!

According to Hoovers® there are about 65,000 hair care salons in the United States with combined annual sales of about $19 billion! A small portion of these sales are for hair cuts, but most of this money is spent on… hair color.

If you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or if you have a job in one of these salons, please read the following carefully. Over 20 million Americans, mostly women, are exposed to hair dyes each year. It has been estimated that at least 35 to 40% of all women in the United States and Europe use hair dyes. Solutions are applied either by a salon hairdresser or by individuals purchasing over the counter products.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), concerns exist pertaining to the safety of these products. Why? Because some of the ingredients in hair dye are considered to be carcinogenic and teratogenic (causing malformation in fetuses). Reports of hairdressers having increased risk of spontaneous abortion, congenital malformations, childhood cancer and developmental problems exist. Older literature from the 1980’s report that men and women exposed to hair dyes in their occupations may experience increased risk of developing leukemia and cancers of the bladder, ovary, GI tract, and respiratory systems. Nasca, reported in the Journal of the NCI, that there is a higher risk of breast cancer in women that use hair dyes. Lire la suite

Children Learning Reading

Children-Learning-Reading5Most parents of children between 3-5 years do not feel the necessity of teaching their children to read at home. « Where is the time and what’s the need when they will be going to school, next year » they explain. Understandably, when both partners work they are bound to be pressed for time. At best, they can spare an hour or so over the weekend, if there isn’t too much to do.

What if you were to learn that 15 minutes a day is all you need to help put your child on the path to reading proficiently. And it is hardly beneficial leaving it all to the school when you consider that:

1. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 67% of all Grade 4 students cannot read at a proficient level,

2. The U.K. government’s Department of Education reported that 42% of children left school without achieving a basic level of functional English. Over 100,000 students leave schools functionally illiterate, in the UK each year,

3. The Australian Government Department of Education reported that 33% of all 5 -year old students cannot meet the benchmark literacy skills,

4. And in Canada, 42% of Canadians are considered semi-illiterate.

Unfortunately, the reason that makes these literacy statistics shocking is because in these countries English is the first language. Worldwide, wherever English is spoken but is not the native language, the results are generally more satisfying. Lire la suite

Pregnancy Miracle top Infertility System

Pregnancy-MiracleLisa Olson is the author of Pregnancy Miracle System who has spent 14 long years searching for a definitive solution to her infertility problem. She went through expensive and invasive infertility treatments, struggled in monitoring her ovulation schedules and have read every possible book and information she could get regarding the subject. All of which to no avail, not until she met a Chinese midwife who introduced her to lifestyle that changed her attitude, her views and outlook in life. She then formulated a system which allowed her to conceive and to give birth to two lovely, healthy children.
The methodology behind Pregnancy Miracle is based upon what she has learned from a midwife and practitioner of Chinese and Homeopathic Medicine. Its methods address not only physical but also nutritional aspects that may be causing your infertility. Ms. Olson has successfully tested Pregnancy Miracle on a handful of women aged between 28 and 47. The results are staggering. Within two months, two thirds of the women who participated actually became pregnant. This is a very encouraging statistic and proves to us that the Pregnancy Miracle does work.

One of the biggest advantages of the Pregnancy Miracle System by Lisa Olson is that it relies on natural methods, like Chinese medicine. You wouldn’t have to worry about adverse reactions and unwanted side effects. No highly risked surgeries, no expensive medications, no painful intravenous fluid treatments and procedures. It only offers natural ways to fight infertility and guaranteed pregnancy.

In the broadest sense, anyone and everyone who wants to get pregnant naturally and regain their natural inner balance will benefit from Pregnancy Miracle. This ebook is honestly for everyone. Even women without fertility issues. This is a total health rejuvenation program better than 98% of the nutrition and alternative health books on the market. In fact, the advice in this ebook is guaranteed to help you with any other health condition you might have, especially if you suffer from hormonal disorders, digestive problems, insulin related disorders, allergies and acne.
There is a 100% guarantee that comes with this ebook, so if you find that it is a load of garbage you can easily get your money back. But the steps you learn along the way will surprise you and these completely natural methods are very effective and have worked for many other men and women, so it’s at least worth taking a look at. Lire la suite

Start Potty Training


Do you have a baby approaching the age of toilet training? Wondering how to start potty training?

Relax. I trained four children of my own and here are the steps you need to know to start potty train your child.

– Is it ready?

You never want to begin working towards this milestone without assessing the signs of preparation for your toddler. In other words, you Potty Training when your child is ready, not when it is convenient for you.


I know I know. It’s frustrating.

But what you should know is that a lot more frustration will occur if you try to toilet train your child before it is ready. If she is not ready to form it will be physically or emotionally confused and resistant; two qualities that lead to the opposite result you want!

signs of preparation you are looking for include a general spirit of cooperation, to wake up to dry after naps, asking to be changed when wet or soiled and imitating their elders go potty or wanting to sit on the potty. These are vital indicators that must occur at least in part before potty training can begin. Lire la suite