Instaprofitgram, Top Seller For users Instagram

867864564Take a look at the user base on Pinterest and one thing is certain. This is a social network populated mainly by women. In fact:
83% of users are women on Pinterest
A staggering statistic, especially when you compare it with 57% of Facebook and 42% of the female population Twitter. Pinterest is by no means an exclusive network for women, but it has been widely adopted as such and this is certainly reflected in the content and issues shared on the site. This can be seen through the most popular posts covering everything from recipes to fashion, beauty, craft and women’s interests.
Pinterest is all about creating and “pins” or sharing images within your virtual “bulletin board”. He designed a niche for himself as a “visual social network” and clearly distinguishes leaders from Facebook and Twitter industry with dedicated user base of 70 million worldwide.
Social networks that focus on the image content such as Pinterest and Instagram could have a smaller market penetration, but they present something new and exciting as Facebook and Twitter absence. In fact everything Pinterest and Instagram have been supported by the significant growth in global users active between 2012 and 2013, Facebook has been lost.
Why Pinterest is logical for companies
If your target market is women, Pinterest is a social network you can not ignore. In addition, if you are targeting women with children, it is estimated that up to 50% of Pinterest users are women with children. It was also found that Pinterest members are more likely to be from a higher income bracket than other social networks. Read More