How to Choose Aspirators and Extractors Black Points?

Aspirateurs Points NoirsThe face is a very sensitive subject for women and various types of aggression at given times. Among these skin aggressions is the black spot, which is an unsightly training dreaded by most people. There are several methods to overcome such as treatment with a black point extractor. This vacuum comedo being very used now, we decided to make this blog to give you user reviews and ours after the tests.

What is the blackhead vacuum cleaner ?
The black point vacuum cleaner is a small, lightweight and ergonomic multifunction device designed to efficiently extract blackheads or blackheads. It also allows you to extract fats, remove impurities from the skin, purify the pores, hide the skin … There are several models, all with various properties.

Why buy a vacuum cleaner anti blackheads ?
It is not uncommon to find on our face blackheads or acnes, which are not advantageous for our appearance. Fortunately, the vacuum point black, a gadget recent and rich in assets points his nose on the market.

Not only does it promise to suppress your excess of sebum, but it also offers other parallel actions such as enclosing the skin or making it smoother. Totally painless, it is a device that can be used safely as long as you remain faithful to the instructions for use.

And better yet, buying a black point vacuum is to give you the opportunity to use it everywhere thanks to its ergonomics and its wireless mechanism. The icing on the cake, prices on the market are available to all portfolios for everyone to find his account.

Aspirateurs Points NoirsOperation of the black dot device
With a few differences, blackhead extractors work the same way. They have different replaceable tips to use depending on skin type, location and size of formations. In addition to which, the black-point vacuum has several levels of suction power. Depending on the model, it requires batteries, a recharge or a direct power supply to operate. Once switched on and in contact with the nose, the device sucks the comedo in a few seconds without causing great irritation to the skin or leaving major marks.

How to choose ?
Since this is a fairly recent technology, the acquisition of a blackhead vacuum can be complicated for some. During your quest, it is therefore important to check some criteria in advance, especially in terms of its ergonomics and its operation.

You must prioritize blackhead vacuum cleaners easy to handle, which will also be easy to handle. Again in this context, it is better to opt for a vacuum point black with several tips to diversify its action, or the size of the area to be treated.

Depending on your skin type, you should also take care to choose the suction intensity that is intended for you. Precisely, understand that the finer your skin is, the more you need to point to low power blackhead vacuums in their suction capacity. Fortunately on the market, you will come across dimmable vacuums for more convenience.

And finally, do not neglect the reliability of a vacuum cleaner black point. Eventually, it will first be necessary that you seek advice from a professional to confirm that the product will be suitable for you. When buying, pay special attention to the warranty offered or testimonials from buyers.

Throughout this guide, we will recommend the best blackhead vacuums available on the market. Good reading !

Aspirateurs Points NoirsStart up
As stated above, the black dot vacuum cleaner, depending on the model, works with a specific power source. Some are rechargeable, others require batteries, others still require connection to an electrical sector. It is therefore necessary to ensure the power supply before starting.

Selection of the appropriate tip
Choose the tip to use depending on the size of your blackheads and also your skin type. To do this, start by first examining your nose to be guided in your choice. Then attach the tip to the end of the tool and check that it is properly seated. Note that there are universal tips that work in most cases.

Aspirateurs Points NoirsPositioning the comedo extractor
Arrange the tip of the equipment so that the tip is well above the comedo. Then place the vacuum cleaner so that the tip completely covers the black dot. It is recommended to keep it perpendicular to the skin and move it a little from time to time during use. Especially when the black dot is at the cheek or in one of the contours of the nose.

The actual extraction
Once the black-spot vacuum is well placed, press the ignition button and hold the unit. A gentle feeling of tightness or weak skin irritation is felt as soon as extraction begins. Remove the extractor from time to time and repeat the action until all the blackheads are removed. It is advisable to lightly vacuum the skin near the location of the comedone; this prevents the appearance of other black spots. When the operation is complete, refer to the cleaning instructions provided with the machine to disinfect it.

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