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product68768image2Using the top online tattoo galleries is the secret to finding unique tattoo designs. Hands down. A tattoo is something too personal to use inferior or ordinary designs. Tattoos are forever and choosing the right tattoo is not something to rush or skimp on. Online tattoo galleries give you the opportunity to browse thousands of unique, quality designs with no pressure. After finding the right tattoo for you, simple print out the design and take it to your favorite tattoo studio.

The top online tattoo design galleries will have their designs sorted out by the most popular categories. Below is a list of the most popular tattoos.

1. Tribal: savage, primal and sexy
2. Star: symbolize fame, guidance, and luck
3. Cross: Celtic, Christian, Maltese, and the Iron Cross
4. Angel: symbolize protection or symbolize a loved one
5. Wings: spiritual and mystical
6. Maori: popular tribal style
7. Dragon: symbolize power and mystery
8. Phoenix: rebirth
9. Butterfly: beauty, metamorphosis, freedom
10. Fairy: magical and whimsical

The top online tattoo galleries also have multiple membership bonuses. Check out what each online tattoo gallery has to offer and find the one that best suits your interest. Below is what one top onine tattoo gallery has to offer members.

1. Design Gallery: Combine two or more tattoos into one, download and print any design
2. Members Gallery: 38 design categories, showcase your tattoo and get feedback
3. Studio Directory: Find tattoo studios in your area, plus read and give reviews of studios
4. Discussion Forum: interact with fellow tattoo enthusiasts, ask questions and get advice
5. Video Vault: 12 categories (including funny, conventions, documentaries & more), upload your own video
6. News, Events and Articles

Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your tenth, take the time to check out what online tattoo design galleries have to offer. Get inspiration, ask questions and most importantly: take your time. This is not a decision that should be rushed. Sure, there are people who chose a tattoo on a whim and have never regretted it. But there are also people who look back and see that a trendy or impulsive choice and wish they made a better choice.

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If you are obsessed about body art then you must have got at least a few tattoos on your body. You can get many design ideas when you are browsing the different tattoo galleries. Browse through a reputed tattoo gallery and find out some of the best designs. After you have finalized on your design choose an artist that will carefully make that design for you. Before you choose any particular gallery or artist you must research properly. Always choose an experienced artist so that you can get the best job done for yourself.

A reputed gallery will have a lot of variety and you will never be left disappointed with the choices. When you are browsing for a suitable design you must have a general idea of what you are searching for. If you are aware of your likes and dislikes then it will be easier for you to make your decision. You should be open to new and innovative designs. If you have thought about something then you can improvise with new designs that you have checked out from a tattoo gallery. You should be open to what a professional tattoo artist has to say.

If you are browsing a tattoo gallery you will find that one of the most popular designs are the zodiac signs. These designs look amazing and you can get them inked on your body anywhere you like. You can get either permanent tattoos or temporary ones depending on your preference and requirement. A permanent tattoo is expensive but it surely looks good on you. These zodiac symbols are timeless and classic and are a sensation among the youngsters. The twelve symbols are based on the heavenly constellations on which astrology is based.

Whether you are a Libran or Scorpion you can get an attractive design for yourself. Each symbol has a special meaning like Librans are balanced and people belonging to the Aries sign are brave and so on. These designs are not only reflecting your zodiac sign but also a unique style statement. For women some symbols are a popular choice. However, most of the time people opt for those signs to, which they belong. Then again you can personalize these Zodiac tattoos design ideas in whichever way you feel like or according to your tattoo artist.

These tattoo designs are unique and surely not one that you will regret. It entirely depends on your personal relationship with astrology. If astrology is part of your personal belief system then you can definitely consider these tattoos. The word zodiac derives from the word zodiacus which means circles of animals.

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