Human Anatomy & Physiology course of study

865768787897Are you looking to learn anatomy and physiology?

You are about to discover the most spectacular gold mine of anatomy and physiology materials and diagrams ever created for human commercial sale.
I am about to share with you everything you’ll ever need to know about human anatomy, physiology and pharmacotherapy with pictures, courses, lesson plans, quizzes and solutions. I’ll give you an effective and painless way to learn or review anatomy and physiology, chemical level through the whole body.
Regardless of whether you are a:
Doctor or specialist

Student or educator

Researcher or Anatomist

Law Attorney lesions

Trainer or professional sports

Chiropractor or therapist

Nurse or paramedic

You see, once an expert explains how to actually do … in the language you can easily understand … it’s almost as easy as … eating lunch.

The secret is in following proven lessons, mastering the subject one step at a time – at your own pace with detailed illustrations. It’s the closest thing to join a full-time medical course that will cost you thousands of dollars. Sounds good? Then read on …


Take a fascinating journey inside the mysterious hidden wonders of the body via the structural information pages and beautifully detailed anatomical images to find answers to questions.

All structures and musculature are modeled and labeled including nerves, deep and superficial muscles, blood supply, skeletal structures and unique features for each body part. Each topic is linked by references with test quiz and this is the best way to learn and understand human anatomy and body.

If you are a student, you’ll save yourself years of research. Pursue a career as a health care professional? No problem – hands on this course, you get up to speed in anatomy and physiology facts in a step by step, in a targeted manner. And that’s not all!

Boost your notes with a Illustrated Medical Courses Bestsellers!

Learn more about the human anatomy and physiology without spending huge amounts of money on expensive courses. This easy to follow primer with fast study guides to help you understand the intricacies of the body and how all systems work together. So what does that mean for you?

Discover how human muscles, nerves, bones, organs, glands, connective tissue and the function and communicate with each other

See how the molecular level of your glandular, genitourinary, digestive, cardiovascular and other systems

Compare comparative physiology and cellular

Get complete answers explanations for all problems

The modules are clearly presented, easy to follow and thorough in content

Learn more in less time with the most pleasant course of human anatomy

But that is only part of the story. Let’s take a look at the main components of this course:

Lesson 1: Introduction to basic human physiology

Lesson 2: physiology of different cells and tissues

Lesson 3: Body Envelopes

Lesson 4: The skeletal system

Lesson 5: Physiology and Actions muscles

Lesson 6: The human digestive system

Lesson 7: The respiratory system in humans and breathing

Lesson 8: The human urinary system

Lesson 9: The human reproductive system (genital)

Lesson 10: cardiovascular circulatory and other systems of the human body

Lesson 11: The endocrine system in humans

Lesson 12: The human nervous system

Lesson 13: Special Senses

Lesson 14: Some Elementary Human Genetics
Ear-eyes-nose injury
Nursing-related musculoskeletal system
Anatomy and physiology related to clinical pathology
And many more! (Over 3000 pages filled with illustrations)
What this means that you get during human anatomy and physiology, the most comprehensive available. This leaves no stone unturned.
Remember, this is just a module on hundreds of this component. It is just too huge to list them all.
Pharmacology continues to be among the most dynamic biomedical and as such, it included as a component in this course incredible home study.
Dosage and Therapy
Oral Pathology and Maxillofactal
pharmacology I
pharmacology II

Principles of epidemiology and microbiology
And many more! (Over 3000 pages filled with illustrations
That’s right, I’ll give you everything you’ll ever need to know about nursing, paramedics and EMT.
Before becoming a paramedic, you will become an emergency medical technician – basic (EMT-B). Paramedic training takes 18 to 24 months and cost up to $ 10,000 depending on where you live.
I will guide you through everything you need to learn, and connect all the points for you.
Yes, I will provide you with the course material, lessons, tests and questionnaires that my students have paid thousands of. This had to be the easiest, most value for money of course you’ve ever seen. No doubt about it …
I realize that for some, all this may sound too good to be true. For those who automatically think it’s too good to be true, I know I can not say, “trust me … it is true” .While it is sad that the Internet has become a place like that, I do know not blame you one bit. In fact, I’m exactly the same. I need proof. I need to see and hear from real people who are doing what I want to be able to do so.


So for the skeptics out there, here is one more proof of the right “horses mouth”. All 100% unsolicitated.

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