Paleo Recipe Book – Brand New Paleo Cookbook

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It has been said that if you want to lose weight, and I mean really WEIGHT … you have to change the way you eat! Now, of course, you can become a vegan, but you will lose out on some nice nutrient in your diet.

I was discouraged to go cold turkey on that one, no doubt, being from Texas and live life to eat barbecue and Tex-Mex. But being slapped by my doctor that emphasize that there is no alternative if I want to be there when I’m 90 – so I had to change!

Thus, the most important quest in my life, is how to enjoy food that I grew up, and having the approval of my doctor. It was to be the Paleo diet. Naturally, I do not like the word “diet” and that does not? But my discovery of the Paleolithic diet (abbreviated Paleo diet or Paleo diet), popularly called the man cave system was simply a modern nutritional meal plan based on old recipes of life of the wild plant and various species Animal hominids who inhabited the earth during the Paleolithic – somewhere there is a period of about 2.5 million years. The “Paleolithic diet” of our ancestral heritage. Read More