Start Potty Training


Do you have a baby approaching the age of toilet training? Wondering how to start potty training?

Relax. I trained four children of my own and here are the steps you need to know to start potty train your child.

– Is it ready?

You never want to begin working towards this milestone without assessing the signs of preparation for your toddler. In other words, you Potty Training when your child is ready, not when it is convenient for you.


I know I know. It’s frustrating.

But what you should know is that a lot more frustration will occur if you try to toilet train your child before it is ready. If she is not ready to form it will be physically or emotionally confused and resistant; two qualities that lead to the opposite result you want!

signs of preparation you are looking for include a general spirit of cooperation, to wake up to dry after naps, asking to be changed when wet or soiled and imitating their elders go potty or wanting to sit on the potty. These are vital indicators that must occur at least in part before potty training can begin. Read More