Trick Photography and Special Effects Ebook

2ndeditionThe kids are home from school, the family is together and our thoughts are on loose and have fun. It’s the stupid season we say in Australia. I was not going to review another weight loss solution or make money online program. I wanted to see something that was fun and something I was interested in. Photography for me is relaxing and fun and I was hoping others feel the same way too.
How many of you have a camera for Christmas? OK … How many of you like photography? Now, how are jealous of the work of another photographer and wish you can create images as they can? How many of you are not very good at Photoshop, but like to know more? And how many, like me, are old school and learned to do everything behind closed not on a computer? I thought so, so if you answered yes to any of these questions I want to tell you about an eBook, you’ll love it. This is the Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book. He teaches, it inspires and it’s a lot of fun this Christmas holiday.

Photography is more than just snapping pictures, it is a recognized art form that harnesses the creative expression of the photographer. While anyone can take a picture, only someone who understands the tools and resources available to the photographer can get the most out of their work. Read More