Vertical Jump Training: Re-bill+upsell+insane Conversions


This article contains a free vertical jump training E-Book, with revolutionary breakthroughs in vertical jump training, presented by a former NBA strength and conditioning coach. Vertical jump training is a huge topic, has always been for the kids and lots of basketball players to come through the world. Whether quenching or doping the ball, he will always be one of the greatest sporting achievements you can do. It’s an incredible feeling to jump high and more or addition to dunk really well.

So how do you improve vertical? Do you:

A) Follow a vertical jump training DVD?

B) Get a piece of equipment training vertical jump?

C) Hire an expert in training vertical jump?

D) regular monitoring online workouts vertical jump training?

E) All of the above?

Each in its own right is good. Everything can obviously give every child they are looking for in terms of vertical jump training. I see many children today and follow plyo a program without learning the proper mechanics of jumping first, it is very dangerous and leads to injury. I teach the mechanics jump / appropriate movement first and then and only then do I follow that with plyometric jump training.

Vertical formation Jump

You have many choices of how to get mad hops: a book or DVD training jump Vertical, Vertical Jump a piece of equipment training, hire an expert Vertical Jump training, regular monitoring vertical workouts Online jump training, or all the above. Either way you go, there are five basic rules that you must be aware of anything. You must be able to apply these five rules to any and all of the choices above.
The five golden rules for vertical jump training:
1. You must learn appropriate technical and squatting jump, a few basics;
► Knees track to the big toe and the second
► chest and buttocks when in / squat position jump
► Weight is still 50/50 on both sides of your body.

2. You have to make good progress vertical jump training exercises. All beginner to advanced levels need a good challenge so they can continuously improve. Not too much to cause injury, but also not too little so as not improve vertical at all. But increasing the speed and jumping challenge only if you can keep control of your movements.
►Slow jump jump is low, so take off quickly is key. But also “speed without control is a dangerous thing.”

3. You have to jump! train and win if you do not you will not. This is where an experienced instructor is essential that you do not over train and become injured. As everyone is different from your vertical jump training program must have different levels, representatives of jumping to fit all different levels. Progress jump ONLY if you can keep control of your alignment when jumping. Jump can be done with a misalignment, so get your basics first.

4. High jump is not just the legs, it is a whole body movement. Thus, the formation of the whole body full body, several joint, powerful, dynamic exercise is extremely beneficial.

5. Daily: think, dream, visualize, feel and know that you will jump up and follow the program and make it a reality !!!!
I can relate to all of you who want to jump high. When I was about 19 I was a good athlete, I played ball all the time and had just an ok vertical, about 24 inches more. But like all young baseball players everywhere, I wanted to dunk !! I began my quest to jump high. My decision came when I was growing frustrated by my lack of improvement in my jump. In college, I was about 5’10 point, and I could barely touch the rim. I did everything by the books, all with my friends, squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf, all the bases. My results the same, barely touched the rim, but one thing will greatly increase: my frustration! I decided to change the way I trained for basketball, I found some great books on Russian Plyometrics and I started jumping, all types of jumps, I then added the use of my Lifeline USA resistance tubes dad various ways to resist my jumps and sprint. It was my first Vertical jump training program, but it was good because he had years of knowledge and experience behind her, and had large increases in leaps and resistors with Lifeline USA’s my father cables.
Vertical Jump Training- Vert Shock. Re-bill+upsell+insane Conversions

My results? Stunning to say the least, my vertical began to rise and rise … literally. In 3-4 months, my vertical rose a modest 25 “for an incredible 39”, I made every dunk I could imagine and literally hit my elbow on the rim! I was in heaven! It was 1984 and I was 21. Today, at 44 years I can still dunk, and proved that last month.

Since that time my jump training methods have helped hundreds of young athletes achieve their goals dip! Now it’s even easier than ever. I put my vertical jump training E-book, DVD, Power Jumper (my favorite jump training equipment, I developed many years ago) and now even have online daily Workouts vertical jump training on the site You have choice and knowledge at your fingertips with the results that have proven amazing.

Want proof? My Jumper Power was tested last summer with 18 high school boys ages 14 to 17 over the 10 weeks. It was the only piece of training equipment used for jumping and the following are the test results:

Perform initial 10 weeks Increase test test

Vertical jump (on average) 21 “29” 8 ”

Biggest change 26 “36” 12 ”

Smaller variation 20 ’25’ 5 ”

* Training Jumper Power for all athletes included was three times a week, two intense days plyometric jumps and speed a lighter day jumps and sprints.

Here is another testimony to the Jumper Power, the best piece of equipment Vertical Jump Training on the market!

I was dubbed the Dunker most exciting in the world and the prince of the dunk. I am 5’8 and improved my vertical an incredible 13 “to a more vertical jump not credible 51 inches using the” Power Jumper “! The Power Jumper program is completely safe for young athletes, and because the program is flexible and progressive it is a lower possibility of Achilles and patellar tendentious.


The proof is in the pudding and the results speak for themselves.

Even if you look at the lowest results listed above, they are still very impressive for summer training. Jump training has evolved and Jumper power proves it works. Now it’s your turn to prove yourself and join the thousands of people from around the world that have significantly improved following our Vertical Jump Training ebook, DVD, Power & Jumper program and now our daily workouts online vertical Jump training athletes.

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