The Ultimate WordPress Marketing Plugin Instabuilder 2.0

Instabuilder-The-Ultimate-Wordpress-Marketing-Plugin7If you intend to make money from your blogs, then you should bring those blog sites to the next level by using the ultimate WordPress marketing plugin. It is easier to build a website and start blogging if you have almost all the plugins, widgets and other tools you need. Choosing WordPress as your blog platform is a great choice, however, if you do not make use of all the features that this blog platform can offer then it would be a waste of your time and efforts.
Blogging is not just about content but also keeping your readers stay on your site and explore every detail of it. Therefore, it is a great challenge on your part to come up with marketing pages that would hook your readers to your site. If your blog would appear to be boring or just less entertaining, then there would be no reason that your readers would keep on coming back. It is important that you should know how to lure your readers to constantly visit your blogs in order to gain more traffic, thus giving the possibilities to attain a high Page Rank.
If you worry about how you would improve the performance of your blogging career, then a one stop solution marketing plugin could be the answer to your problem.
Easy website design
If you do not have the skills to make all those codes in tweaking your site to be more attractive and have some professional looks, then using an ultimate WordPress marketing plugin can be the best option. If you are focusing on marketing some products on your blog, then using the appropriate plugin can be very helpful to track sales and performances of your online business.

It is a one stop solution marketing plugin, therefore, you will have no problems on compatibility of this software to any gadgets that you will use. Be it on a laptop, smartphone, or tabs, you could still use all the features that this ultimate WordPress marketing plugin can offer.
Attract More Visitors
Having this advance tool for your site would surely impress all your blog visitors. This would add up to your credentials as an online marketer that you are using a technology that is not just beneficial for your business but also to your clients. The ultimate WordPress marketing plugin could be the best option for those business bloggers who would like to make the most of their WordPress blogs.
If you want to do better on marketing products through your blogs and you lack the technical skills required to come up with the best results, one stop solution marketing plugin can give you no hassles on the codes, tracking, and the whole business performance itself. This plug in is packed with the best features that your site needs. Surely, you will have no regrets if you will invest on software that could make your online career improve its performance and most importantly give you a stable source of income.Instabuilder-The-Ultimate-Wordpress-Marketing-Plugin6

WordPress marketing is easy once you know how. Let me explain the advantages and the tools for using WordPress as one of your marketing tools.

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to start in affiliate marketing is to use WordPress blogs. To successfully make sales in affiliate marketing you need to create content that focuses on low competition phrases that people are searching for. Using a WordPress blog makes this very easy.

A WordPress blog with each of the individual posts, can target many different phrases within your market. Each post represents a unique web page that you can social bookmark, create links to, and promote. It is also easier to quickly update a WordPress blog than to change content on a normal website, if you can type, you can have a WordPress blog up and running, and producing affiliate sales.

Another advantage to using WordPress blogs, when working to make money in affiliate marketing, is all of the great plugins for WordPress. You can use the All-In-One SEO Pack to help increase the search engine optimization of your blog. There are great ad plugins for WordPress, making it easy to place ads in your blog, with some of them even allowing you to rotate the ad automatically. (I’m not a big fan of rotating ads, it makes it more difficult to track results.) You can add social bookmarking plugins, that add buttons for your readers to easily add your site to popular social sites, giving you added traffic, and rankings.Instabuilder-The-Ultimate-Wordpress-Marketing-Plugin4

One of my favorite reasons to use a WordPress blog for my affiliate marketing is the Ultimate Google Analytics plugin. Using this WordPress plugin gets Google Analytics onto every page of my blog, making in very easy for me to track my traffic. Without great tracking, it is impossible to analyze our affiliate marketing efforts. Using this plugin, I can check my Google Analytics account and see how much traffic each page is getting, what keywords people are using to find my site, where they are coming from. This information allows me to quickly adjust my affiliate offers to match what they are looking for. Also, seeing what phrases they are finding my site with, gives me a good clue on what I need to include in future posts.

By using a good theme with my WordPress blog, I can make my site look very attractive, without spending much money. There are many great themes for WordPress that are free, and fantastic looking themes that are very inexpensive. While having a site with lots of bells and whistles is not needed for making money in affiliate marketing, you want it to at least look nice and professional. You can even have a theme created or modified at very low prices through services like Elance.

As you can see, WordPress blogs lend themselves greatly for affiliate marketing, with their quickness and ease of setup, their search engine friendly format, that can be optimized with plugins, and the ease of updating content so you can quickly target new phrases and products in your affiliate marketing business. Many times making money in your affiliate business requires speed, and WordPress allows you to setup a new site in only minutes, and be ready to start making affiliate profits the same day. WordPress marketing is a must for any serious affiliate or internet marketer.

The Ultimate Promotional and Marketing Tool For Your WordPress Site!
Toolbar Plugin is an amazing marketing tool which will help expose any product or service you’re promoting and also help your blog look good. It’s a new powerful way of bringing your offer in front of your visitors efficiently yet discretely and unobtrusively. It’s the ultimate promotional tool for your WP blog.
*Easily expose any product or service you wish
*Add photos, description, call to action for each product or service
*Create unlimited toolbars and place them at the top or bottom of your blog
*Target toolbar based on category, post or page
*Add an autoresponder code for collecting email addresses
*Change toolbar background to any color you wish
ATTENTION Affiliates, Bloggers, Product Owners, Service Providers and Listbuilders!
You’ve probably heard about various plugins that add a slider to the bottom of your WordPress blogs to capture emails, increase Twitter followers, RSS subscribers, etc. These plugins are very popular, because they have been proven to convert more visitors to buyers or more subscribers.
Well, we really loved the idea but we thought something was missing and that it could be improved – so we came out with our Toolbar plugin.
You can finally increase sales, opt-ins or subscribers effortlessly!
*Toolbar Plugin Features
*Instantly Bring Your Offer in Front Your Visitors
*Add Product Title
*Add Product Price
*Add Product Description
*Add Product Call To Action
*Add Product Image
*Add Product (Affiliate) Link
*Easily Change Toolbar Color
*Category Targeting – Target Only Visitors who visit a specific category
*Page Targeting – Target Only Visitors who visit a specific page
*Post Targeting – Target Only Visitors who visit a specific post
*Copy and Paste Your Autoresponder Code to Promote Your Offers
*Pause the Toolbar /Product Promotion Campaign Anytime you Want
*Set the Toolbar Position on Top or Bottom of Your Pages
*Toolbar stays on top or bottom when scrolling the page up or down
*A must have for promotion of productsInstabuilder-The-Ultimate-Wordpress-Marketing-Plugin5

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